The Other Users of Sciboard

Below are a few comments on Sciboard that the users have.


" SciBoard has allowed me to not only make friends, but get a head start in science as well. Playing science trivia gave me chemistry and physics knowledge before I even took those classes. SciBoard is also a great place to practive my debating skills. Reading and participating in the various forums not only allows me to learn, but to share my opinions as well."

Cat Eyes:

" Since I have been on this board, I think it has been fun and also educational. I have learned tons of things just from playing around in the trivia forums and reading through comments on here. I can't say that it has helped with my homework, but I sometimes find myself answering questions in class or for others that I have learned on here.

If anyone were to ask me if they should become a member of this bbs, I would definitely tell them yes. It gives me a chance to talk to people and to learn at the same time...all for the small price of earning credits. "


" I like sciboard because of the interaction among people. but interesting enough i have found the sciboard information to be quite helpful..

example: someone asked the other day how winds are produced..well through the trivia questions I was able to tell them that the heat rays from the sun warming the earth causes wind. I felt proud that I knew something they didn't. My mom was impressed by the way I became more knowledgeable about science through sciboard rather then using sciboard just as a way to communicate with people."


" I think that Sciboard is an excellent board. It allows you to further your education in different areas. It also allows you to meet new people and have discussions about different science topics in teleconference. Another good thing about Sciboard, is that you can receive and send internet mail. Most local bbs's don't allow that.

Sciboard has many users. They are all different in ways. Some people on Sciboard can help you with different science questions you have and then they allow you to talk about any new/old science news in the proper forum it belongs in. Sciboard is one of the BEST boards around the city of Louisville."


" Throughout my 2 and a half years of using sciboard, I have and many other people have been exposed to many new frontiers in science. My favorite science subject would happen to be Astronomy. On Sci-Board, I have met many people with the same interests as me. I have been able to communicate with people from NASA, Gemany, Australia, and many other countries.

Also being so knowlegable on this subject, I have been able to conduct teleconferences where I host a subject to be talked about by many other users. Past teleconferences that I have talked about included the topics such as Black Holes, White holes, anti-matter, space travel in the future, terraforming, and many others. In these teleconference many people that have not been exposed to these subjects come and learn so much.

On sciboard, one can get help with homework and other projects, not only from people at their homes, but also from Professors from the University of Louisville, and many people from around the world through the net news forums, can help you. I have benefited from this board so much, that many people have noticed my knowledge growing. Also on here are the President Of the Louisville Astronomical Society, people that work for G.E, and many other large corporations. It is a great, easy and free way to learn so much, that you really can never be bored!!!"

Tha Doggfather:

" With the Trivia Forum, you get a chance to pick up those science skills you never knew you had. This is a great thing for people still in school, because it gives them a chance to learn more about different topics. It's also a bunch of fun and competitive, so start using your brain and try to make Best All!"