Science Bowl

The Science Bowl is an interactive multiplayer quick recall competition that tests your science knowledge in different areas. It's free, and easy to play!

By clicking on the Play button below, you will download and run a Java applet that will connect to the Science Bowl IRC site and channel. A window will appear explaining the security risk involved in running a Java applet of this type. Click YES to accept.

On the first screen, you must enter a "nickname" that you will be known as in the game. Enter your nickname, then click the "Connect Now!" button.

The game responds to your text. You have available several commands to help you along:

  • !revolt
  • Reject the current question and get another
  • !allstars
  • List of the best of the best
  • !rank
  • Where you stand compared to others
  • !score
  • Gives your current score
  • !ask
  • Get next question or start game
  • !rules
  • Channel rules (not game rules)
  • !qhelp
  • Help with the commands

    How to Play Science Bowl

    Once you've connected to Science Bowl, place your cursor in the small window at the bottom of the screen.
    If a game is not already in progress, type !ask to start a new game.
    SciBot will ask a science question, and you will compete with all other online players to answer first.

    When the question appears, type in the answer as fast as you can. If no one gets it right at first, SciBot will give you a hint (one of the letters in the answer). Keep trying until somebody gets it right. You can type in as many answers as you want.

    Have fun!!